Grease trap cleaner

Grease trap cleaning

Grease traps can clog your activities

Whether you run a commercial kitchen or a restaurant, proper maintenance performed on a routine schedule keeps drains flowing smoothly. Prevent costly backups and keep your business up and running with expertly clean grease traps.

Keep your grease trap at top performance

    • Schedule regular grease trap maintenance

    • Make sure that food prep sinks are tied into a trap

    • Ensure that your trap is properly sized

    • Remove as much waste and food solids as possible

    • Maintain a cleaning log for code compliance

    • Do not connect garbage disposal to traps

    • Do not connect high temp dishwashers to traps

    • Do not use chemicals or bleach to clean trap

Dispose of your waste today!

Proper disposal

Licensed for waste disposal

When your grease traps are completely clean, our team will contain and dispose of your grease with ease. No mess for you to deal with. Leave the clean up to us.

Complete residential and commercial grease trap cleaning. 

Call today and schedule your grease trap cleaning with us.

Remove fats, oils, and grease with our efficient grease trap removal system. Create an ongoing clean with proper treatment and maintenance.